. “broken” exhibition ¨ ¨

Galerie Forsblom

Interior design for “Broken” exhibition of scandinavian and designer Ilkka Suppanen, at Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki, inside the activities for the WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL celebrated during 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. (internships)





"dream" by ilkka suppanen

“broken” exhibition interior

"offspring" by ilkka suppanen

"broken" exhibition interior


“dream IV” by ilkka suppanen

"long distance II" by ilkka suppanen

“broken” exhibition interior

“engaged” by ilkka suppanen




At Galerie Forsblom’s exhibition of designer and architect Ilkka Suppanen (born 1968), glass achieves fascinating form. The exhibition, “Broken” consists of installations and stand-alone glass sculptures. The unique texture of the glass sculptures, created in Murano, reminds the viewer of ice or lace. Suppanen’s crushed glass sculptures are at once both fragile and powerful, displaying innovation in glass work while simultaneously fitting within the Nordic design tradition. By employing a technique that emphasizes experimentalism and craftsmanship, Suppanen manages to create something timeless and enduring.

Broken is one exhibit of Galerie Forsblom’s design series, which was arranged to honor the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.